La Evolución de Anillarte: De la Cota de Malla Elástica a la Joyería Artesana
PHOTO: Sara Iglesias Model: Ana Sánchez

In 2007, Anillarte was born, a brand dedicated to reviving and reinventing the ancient technique of chain mail, used by medieval knights, transforming it into contemporary jewelry pieces that combine history with innovation. Since its founding, Anillarte has explored the intersection of ancient art with modern fashion, creating jewelry that not only adorns but tells a story.

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Origins of Anillarte:

The idea for Anillarte arose from a fascination with the strength and beauty of medieval chain mail. Using materials such as steel mixed with rubber or neoprene rings, it was possible to recreate the traditional structure of the mesh but with unusual flexibility and comfort. This allowed for the creation of pieces that offer both unique aesthetics and exceptional functionality.

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Product Evolution:

Anillarte's first designs included bracelets and chokers that captured the robustness of steel with the softness of neoprene, offering a different experience to the wearer. Over time, the repertoire expanded to include bolder pieces such as mesh bikinis, which challenged the conventions of traditional jewelry by introducing sartorial elements into the catalog.

Important Milestones:

Over the years, Anillarte has managed to attract the attention of both the press and celebrities. Our creations have been featured in major media outlets and graced the runways at various fashion events, demonstrating the versatility and universal appeal of reinvented chain mail. The brand has walked on catwalks, cementing its place in the world of high fashion.

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Image gallery:

A visual look through time shows the transformation of Anillarte from its humble beginnings to becoming a benchmark for innovation in jewelry. Each piece reflects a time in our history and shows how Anillarte has evolved while always maintaining quality and originality.

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Reflection and Current Philosophy:

Today, Anillarte not only represents jewelry; is a testament to how fashion and history can merge to create something completely new and extraordinary. We remain committed to innovation, always looking for ways to push the boundaries of creativity and technique in jewelry.

Expansion and New Direction:

During the continued evolution of Anillarte, my passion for jewelry led me to deepen my studies in this art, which opened new doors and possibilities for our brand. This growth in knowledge and skill is reflected in more elaborate pieces that integrate classic chain mail with advanced jewelry techniques, elevating each creation to an unprecedented level of sophistication and detail.

Additionally, this journey of growth and learning inspired me to launch a parallel collection line called S4R (Skull4Roses), which focuses on introducing new concepts and styles within artisanal jewelry. S4R represents a bold and creative exploration into new design territories, where each piece is a testament to our evolution and desire to continually innovate in the world of jewelry.


Anillarte remains committed to excellence and innovation, always exploring new techniques and materials to offer unique pieces that tell stories and celebrate craftsmanship. We invite you to explore both the Anillarte and S4R collections, where tradition and innovation meet to create something truly exceptional. Stay connected with us and be the first to know about our launches and exclusive collections by subscribing to our newsletter.