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"In 2006, ANILLARTE was the beginning of my creative adventure, exploring fashion design and jewelry based on Cota de Malla. After years of fashion and creation, my journey evolved into jewelry and goldsmithing, becoming a Jeweler and Lapidary. Now, In my new project skull4roses , I fuse the elegance of roses with the rebellion of skulls without leaving behind my roots and my essence. Each piece, handcrafted, reflects my passion for creative freedom and the celebration of intentional imperfections. Explore the world unique of skull4roses , where each jewel tells its own story. If you are looking for something special or want to personalize a piece, I am here to help you find the perfect jewelry that reflects your style and free spirit."


Welcome to skull4roses: Handmade Silver Jewelry with a Unique Spirit

Discover a world where elegance meets rebellion, where skulls and roses converge to create exceptional jewelry. I am Maku, the creative mind behind skull4roses , where each piece is a unique expression of art and style.

Exclusive Collections:

Immerse yourself in our two distinctive collections, where romance intertwines with audacity. From the soft curves of roses to the intensity of skulls, each piece of jewelry is a masterpiece handcrafted in silver. Our romantic line embodies the delicacy of roses, while the rock collection radiates rebellious energy with its skulls.

Fused Design:

In skull4roses , we fuse romanticism with rebellion in creations that challenge conventions. Discover pieces that encapsulate the duality of life, where roses and skulls coexist in harmony, creating a perfect balance between softness and strength.

Art that Tells Stories:

Each jewel tells a unique story. From the intricate details to the sturdiness of the silver, each piece reflects my passion for design. I have created skull4roses thinking of an adult, selective audience that values ​​uniqueness in every detail.

Explore your Style:

Whether you lean toward the sweetness of roses or the boldness of skulls, find the jewelry that speaks your own style language. In skull4roses , each piece is more than an accessory, it is a statement of identity.

Enter the World skull4roses :

Explore our collection and discover jewelry that reflects your unique essence. At Skull for Roses, elegance meets rebellion, and each jewel is a manifestation of your individuality.

Welcome to the world of skull4roses , where beauty and boldness meet in every detail!

Send us your idea, the more detail and information you give us about what you want, the more we can adapt to send you a budget if your proposal is feasible.

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