Parts Care

All pieces are made of sterling silver and have an aged finish in most cases to highlight the textures.

Silver jewelry can react by darkening due to exposure to air and light or, in certain cases, due to different pH types of the skin. To preserve them better, remove your jewelry before showering, swimming in the sea or pool, when applying creams or perfumes, and when playing sports.

Jewelry that is aged due to oxidation with a patina, do not clean it with any chemical or jewelry cleaning product as it can damage the oxidation.

To clean these types of parts, we recommend doing it dry with a soft cloth or washing them with warm water and soap, if necessary you can use a soft toothbrush and drying them with a soft cloth (suede suits me very well for the glasses) .

Over time, use, friction, etc., the aging may disappear in the smoothest areas, leaving it shiny, but they never lose their charm. Even so, if you want, you can contact me if you want me to reapply a bath. of patina.

To keep your jewelry looking new, I recommend that you store it in an individual bag, in its original packaging or in a closed box.

Try to avoid it coming into contact with air, direct light or humidity, as this can lead to deterioration of the jewel when you are not wearing it.

The stones are fragile and can break or scratch if you do not use your jewelry properly, avoid bumps and falls, do not shower, sleep, or take them to the beach, etc. as they can lose their shine, fracture, etc

They are handmade and delicate jewelry, please use them delicately and do not subject them to knocks or falls. Take care of them, pamper them and they will always accompany you.

skull4roses is not responsible for breakages of any kind, nor for misuse of jewelry.

All pieces are looked at and tested to make sure they are well finished, but if you have any problems and you are on time, contact me :)