Stone Broken Square Signet Ring


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This piece is made to order, so not all pieces will be the same and may vary from the one in the photo. As a result, each piece will be unique and different 😍

The delivery time is 1 to 2 weeks and may vary on specific dates. Ask us if you need it and we will do everything possible to get it to you on time 😉

  • Made in 925 silver
  • Oxidized piece with patina to highlight the textures.
  • Choose size or chain options if available

This solid silver ring in the shape of a seal is perfect for those looking for an elegant touch in their style.

Handmade with recycled 925 silver with the clay-cast silver technique.

These pieces have a process that cannot control the result, the stones are embedded with the molten silver and sometimes the foundry rejects the stone, which is why sometimes the piece can have 2 or 3 stones depending on the nature of the process. but we guarantee that the result will be beautiful.

This must be accepted, which is why we ask that you take this into account, they are unique and handmade pieces and it is part of their beauty.

Each piece is unique and carefully crafted. Add a touch of sophistication to your look with this exclusive ring.

  • 925 silver
  • Recycled 925 silver
  • On request
  • unisex
  • Rosarita
  • Onyx