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Tubular Elastic Mesh Jewel Bodysuit




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  • STAINLESS STEEL: We choose stainless steel for its superior strength and durability, ideal for maintaining the structural integrity of our jewelry.
  • COMBINATION WITH RUBBER: We use elastic rubber rings to add flexibility and comfort without compromising quality.
  • HYPOALLERGENIC: Our material is completely hypoallergenic, perfect for sensitive skin.
  • WATER RESISTANT: The water resistance of stainless steel ensures that our jewelry can be worn in any conditions without damage.
  • NICKEL FREE: No nickel content, avoiding allergies and skin irritations.
  • NO RUST: Stainless steel does not rust, ensuring each piece maintains its shine and quality over time.
  • DOES NOT STAIN: Our jewelry does not stain the skin, remaining impeccable during prolonged use.

Elastic Mesh Body Jewelry with Silver and Obsidian Decoration

Description: Dare to dazzle with our exclusive body jewelry, a unique piece that redefines elegance in modern jewelry. This one-piece design, made with tubular elastic mesh, extends from the neck to the waist, culminating in a spectacular silver piece handmade with the obsidian inlay technique. Perfect to complement a black dress, this accessory is not only sexy, but also incredibly elegant.


  • Material : High quality tubular elastic mesh and silver.
  • Stone : Obsidian inlaid using the inlay technique for an exquisite finish.
  • Style : One-piece body jewelry that connects the neck to the waist.
  • Comfort : High flexibility and comfort, perfect to wear for hours.
  • Occasion : Ideal for formal events, parties or a special night.

Elegance and Seduction: This body jewelry is the embodiment of sophistication and allure. Known for its deep brilliance and mystery, obsidian adds an intriguing touch to polished silver, creating a stunning contrast that catches the light and catches the eye. It is the definitive piece to elevate a simple black dress to a spectacular outfit.

Versatility of Use: In addition to being a centerpiece in a formal outfit, this body jewelry is versatile enough to add a touch of luxury to a more casual outfit. Its unique design ensures that it will stay in place comfortably and securely, allowing you to move with confidence.

Guaranteed Visual Impact: Get ready to be the center of attention at any event. This body jewelry not only enhances your figure, but also adds a dimension of unmatched style and sophistication to your look.

Perfect Gift: With its bold and refined design, our body jewelry is the ideal gift for someone special who loves fashion and wants to stand out. It comes exquisitely packaged, ready to give as a gift and surprise.

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